The ALPHA 3D RIG was created to be an effective tool for filmmakers who endeavour to tell powerful stories. We are proud to present an excellent tool that eliminates the concerns related to stereoscopic rigs of the present market and has a competitive price due to economic manufacturing. The ALPHA 3D RIG is the result of four years of continuous research and development, created with attention to the finest ergonomic and technical details. Every aspect of the design is developed on the basis of extensive first hand stereoscopic shooting experience.


The ALPHA 3D RIG incorporates state of the art high quality beamsplitter developed by our company for ultimate image quality and symmetry. The beamsplitter is indifferent to polarized light, it has low color shift, and fulfills strict MIL environmental and durability requirements.

3D rig_(foto_Magyari_Zsolt)_03


The concept was to create a fully mechanical design that is simple, reliable and functional in all shooting conditions. The goal was to keep weight to the minimum. Our experience was that only the motorization of the interaxial is essential.

3D rig_(foto_Magyari_Zsolt)_06

The ALPHA 3D RIG allows the fine adjustment of all 6 axis

  • Interaxial (translation on X axis) both cameras move to maintain center of gravity in the range of -10mm to 100mm 
  • Height (translation on Y axis) in the range of - 5mm to + 5mm
  • Distance to Mirror (translation on Z axis) in the range of - 5mm to + 5mm
  • Tilt (rotation on X axis) in the range of - 1° to + 1°
  • Roll (rotation on Z axis) in the range of -1° to + 1°
  • Convergence (rotation on Y axis) in the range of -4° to +8°


The ALPHA 3D RIG has been designed with the utmost attention to the finest ergonomic and technical details.

The ALPHA 3D RIG is lightweight, optimized for best performance. It weights 8.4 kg and it is comfortable and well balanced for handheld and steadicam use. It fits perfectly the ARRI Alexa Mini and RED DSMC2 mechanical accessories.

The mirrorbox can be removed and attached quickly and precisely without the movement of the cameras, greatly speeding up the alignment process between lens changes.

The ALPHA 3D RIG is compatible with ARRI Alexa Mini, RED DSMC2 sized or smaller cameras. The mirror box accepts spherical lenses with maximum diameter of 114mm from focal length 18mm and anamorphic lenses from focal length of 35mm. The rig can be equipped with long lens support brackets for zoom lenses.

  • Easy and fast lens change, quick attachment of mirror box
  • Fast and easy tripod placement, one person can carry
  • Side, bottom, and top french flags
  • Fine adjustment position and limit markings
  • ARRI rosettes and NATO rail attachement possibilities
  • Mirror protecting front plexiglass cover
  • Easy and fast mirror replacement option
  • Long lens support brackets for zooms
  • A full working setup weighs 22,8 kg / 50 lbs
STEREOGRAPHER ALPHA 3D RIG, 2x ARRI Alexa Mini, Viewfinder, 2x Zeiss CP.3, Cmotion Camin M3 with 3 motors, 2x Teradek Bolt, 1 High Load Battery